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Some proponents of the Flat Earth theory claim NASA employees guard the edge of the world to prevent people falling off. The curve which B.o.B refers to is a recurring theme in Flat Earthers' conspiracy theories. Adherents believe that, were the Earth actually round, then the curvature of the.. B.o.B. Defends His 'Earth Is Flat' Theory, Talks New Music & More. Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM B.o.B. took to Twitter to post a bunch of evidence he believes proves the earth is actually flat, not round, reviving the old flat earthers as the..

Flat Earth conspiracies aren't a new thing for B.o.B. Last year, he got in a Twitter fight with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson over the issue, complete with competing diss tracks, because that's just the kind of (round) world that we live in Sep 27, 2017 · The Earth is not flat. We all agree on that right? This is not a joke, at least, it doesn't appear to be one. Rapper B.o.B, whose real name is Bobby Ray Simmons Jr., plans to raise money to launch satellites so he can finally prove the Earth is flat to all of us Sep 25, 2017 · Flat earth truthers' most outspoken entertainer is preparing to conduct his own research. September 25, 2017 3:40PM (UTC). Rapper and adherent to an antiquated cosmography, B.o.B. won't stop until he proves once and for all that the earth is flat (which means never, because it isn't.

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  1. ds of his 2 million Twitter followers by proving that the Earth is flat. The only thing he really proved is that Sherri Shepherd was his homeschool science teacher. I bet that he really believes that airplanes in the night..
  2. Obviously B.o.B.'s insistence that the Earth is flat is nowhere near on that level, but Tyson's assertion that it's okay to like B.o.B.'s music in spite of his With science and Neil deGrasse Tyson pushing him into a corner, B.o.B. did what anyone who believes the Earth is flat and has the power of gentle rap..
  3. B.o.B Believes In His Flat Earth Theory So Much, He'll Argue With An Esteemed Scientist. January 25, 2016 - 4:38 pm by Jessica McKinney. Fans may have been a little confused on Sunday (Jan. 24) when the rapper tweeted his argument as to why he thought the world was flat

B.o.B. Defends His 'Earth Is Flat' Theory, Talks New Music - YouTub


  1. But while the claim of a flat earth is at least four centuries behind the times, simply dismissing a claim by a celebrity as nonsense is not that useful. And surely if you look out at the ocean or at the plain in Kansas, the Earth looks pretty flat, which is one of the reasons why people thought it is was for a long..
  2. Rapper BoB goes on bizarre Twitter rant to claim the Earth is... B.o.B recently claimed the world was flat. After dozens of posts, he uploaded a picture of Manhattan's skyline from the Harriman State Park's Bear Mountain - some 60 miles away - and said that the buildings should not be visible if the Earth is..
  3. Flat-Earth advocate B.o.B. launches GoFundMe to prove his theory. B.o.B, who more recently alerted fans to the weird world of pregnant Elsa videos, started his flat Earth crusade on Twitter last year and quickly drew the attention of astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson
  4. B.o.B. is serious about exposing the true shape of the Earth. (Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for BMI). UPDATE: Neil deGrasse Tyson has fired back at B.o.B. with a diss track of his own. Read more here
  5. Flat-earth theorist B.o.B has called on people to help with his cause to prove that the earth is indeed flat. The rapper has opened a GoFundMe campaign to raise $1 million to send satellites into space to confirm the curvature of the earth. He writes on the campaign pag

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, a.k.a the Notorious N.D.T., has released a diss track (seriously), titled Flat to Fact, that's aimed at rapper B.o.B., who set Twitter aflame earlier this week with his conspiracy theory that the Earth is actually flat. The track is set to Drake's Back to Back, a diss.. In what can only be described as the newest truther movement that would make Donald J. Trump proud, B.o.B seems to be on a quest to prove that the Earth is flat, and his evidence seems mostly based on the fact that when he looks out the window — and photographs it for his Twitter page — he..

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  1. The Flat Earth awakening is the biggest story to hit this world in Millennia. I am humble to be just a part of this massive force of truth, one that's going to change This is my personal declaration of war from Flat Earth against mainstream science. I, Mark Sargent, hereby put forth a challenge to any university..
  2. Some former astronauts have a message for flat-Earther B.o.B: The curve is real, and we've seen it. B.o.B doubts that Earth is round because the horizon looks pretty flat in photos taken from the planet's surface. That's a simple consequence of Earth's large size, of course, but B.o.B doesn't see it that way
  3. The flat-earth conspiracy theory is not new by any means. Since the discovery that the earth was round, people have always questioned the validity of According to The Flat Earth Society (yes, it's a real society), since the world looks flat, the bottoms of clouds are flat, the movement of the sun..
  4. We all have questions we struggle with. For rapper B.o.B., it's why he should believe the Earth is round. He's spoken publicly about believing in a flat Earth for almost two years now, including wading into a rap battle with famed astrophysicist Neil de Grasse Tyson

IG: @bob. Atlanta. youtu.be/6G_mpQ9OEUg. B.o.B followed. Pinned Tweet. B.o.B‏Verified account @bobatl Apr 22. More * Any pictures of the Earth being spherical are actually CGI. * While we can see spherical planets in the sky, we cannot actually see them for ourselves - only through telescopes. * The UN and NASA are hiding the fact the earth is flat by banning anyone from exploring the poles I'm not sure I agree 100 percent with your science work, Bob. Photo: Getty Images. Airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars, and many people on them, while looking out the window at a clear, cloudless sky, are able to discern a subtle curvature to the Earth's surface Rapper B.o.B., who made waves last year for tweeting that the Earth is flat, now wants your help to prove his theory. Late last week, he started a GoFundMe campaign, Show BoB The Curve, aiming to. Welcome to The Flat Earth Society, home of the flat earth forums and the largest library of Flat Earth Society journals, newsletters, interviews, and books

Members of the Flat Earth Society claim to believe the Earth is flat, and, it seems, they're serious B.o.B first began to gain recognition at the start of 2007. The underground single, Haterz Everywhere featuring Wes Fif, gained the rapper attention by peaking at. Let's get one thing straight. The Earth is round. You know it, I know it, every scientist in the world worth their salt knows it because it's true

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If Kyrie Irving is truly done with Flat Earth theory, then the current celebrity flag-bearer for the movement is B.o.B., a pop star rapper who believes 9/11 was an. For most people, being described as a flat Earther is an insult. The idea of the Earth being flat is considered not only wrong, but a model of wrongness, the gold standard of being incorrect. If you don't know that the Earth is a sphere, wrongly believing our planet to be flat, don't tell everyone on your Twitter feed and definitely don't make a song about.

The resurgence of flat-Earth conspiracy theories raises the question of why people turn against more than two millennia of scientific reasoning Speakers recently flew in from around (or perhaps, across?) the earth for a three-day event held in Birmingham: the UK's first ever public Flat Earth Convention The controversial YouTuber joins a growing list of celebrities, including rapper B.o.B, who believe the Earth is flat, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary

Humanity has known Earth is round for a few millenia, and I've been meaning to show more methods that prove the world is not flat. I've had a few ideas on how to do that, but recently got an. Verschiedene Scheibenmodelle finden sich in vielen Ursprungsmythen, z. B. in Mesopotamien und bei den frühgriechischen Philosophen Anaximander und Hekataios

The earliest reliably documented mention of the spherical Earth concept dates from around the 6th century BC when it appeared in ancient Greek philosophy, but. 未知リッチ . 科学で証明されていないけど、人生を豊かにしてくれる確かな知識とノウハウをあなたに

The flat Earth idea has been weirdly popular lately. Working from the theories of scientific minds like Tila Tequila and B.o.B., a whole group of peopl Hey, this post may contain adult content, so we've hidden it from public view. Learn more People have known that Earth is round since at least Aristotle. But the belief that it's flat still persists. Some celebrities buy into the Flat Earth Theory, most. 21세기도 조금씩 중엽을 향해 가는 지금, 지구가 둥글지 않다고 진지하게 주장하는 사람들이 있다면 어떨까. 과학적 지식이.

Wiki page containing a list of samples used in Girl Talk's latest album, All Day In this science adventure game, you learn about astronomy as you solve puzzles leading you closer and closer to rescuing young Kai and her family The Moon Landing was Faked- a classic, it's like the missionary position of conspiracy theories, reliable for anything, 8/10. Flat Earthers- a little mundane. The modern legend of the Bermuda Triangle began to take shape on 5 December 1945 when Flight 19 took off from the U.S. Naval Air Station in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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A believer in flat-Earth conspiracies took another shot at shooting himself toward the stratosphere in a homemade rocket. Once again, it fell flat Next time a flat-earth conspiracy theorist confronts you, here are 10 ways to prove that Earth is spherical Curious wife by: Sandy - Hello my name is Sandy and my story is about having sex with dogs. I started out at age 12 with our dog Pal that was about a 40 pound mongrel

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