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  1. Marks of Excellence calculation. - posted in Gameplay: How are these calculated? It cant be an average, cause then if you did really well with your first battle youd instantly get a mark of excellence. Also it keeps growing at about the same pace when I get a tank no matter where I am at. If I am at 10%, it takes about 1 or 2 good games to get to 11%, same if I am at 65% to get to 66%. So can.
  2. g Community, as well as the OMC modpack dev. team (which includes me,... A refresh of OMC modpack
  3. Marks of Excellence Calculation - posted in Newcomers Forum: Hi guys, I am fairly new to the game and heres something I dont get regarding MoE. It was asked a couple of times but I only can find contradictory information about this here on the forums, so I am still confused. Maybe you can enlighten me. 1. When you have less than 100 games on a tank, every game counts towards the marks, I.
  4. e how much damage you need to do to increase your percentage. Suprisingly, I couldn't find any websites that show/allow you to calculate these values
  5. Marks of Excellence / MOE WoT are also available to light tanks, since intelligence damage is also taken into account. Battles held prior to version 9.1. are not taken into account. Damage statistics are collected daily. The calculation is based on the re.
  6. Ukazatel postupu na další mark na dělu. Pro přesun zmáčkněte pravé tlačítko na myši + CTR
  7. Marks of Excellence Standing Damage estimates to achieve MoEs. Data for 506 tanks calculated at 5/16/2019

Marks of excellence are a floating rating, so it's not quantifiable like crew xp needed till next %, level, whatever. Marks are based on how everyone else plays that. Marks of Excellence are calculated by using an EMA (Exponential Moving Average), and each tank has its own EMA. We compare your EMA against the highest average damage for all players using that same tank during the time period to determine if you qualify for a Mark Get a mark of excellence. Play i think 100 battles in vehicle above tier 4. Play better than 65% of the other people playing that vehicle in 2 weeks time In-game, press ESC. Go to Settings > General and scroll down. Tick the box: Display Marks of Excellence Click OK. How They Work Marks of Excellence ar I wanted to get the data of all players with 3 Marks of Excellence (MoE) and some related info, I couldn't really find any existing stuff so I wrote a program and spammed the WG API with about 3 million request and put the data in a nice spreadsheet

Marks of Excellence Explained - posted in General Discussion: Marks of Excellence are essentially Mastery badges that look at player damage + assist damage instead of. Marks Of Excellence Calculator By Spoter & ProTanki available for download from biggest repository of mods for World of Tanks 1.2.0 All tested and updated daily Marks Of Excellence Calculator By Spoter - PKmods - PlazmaKeks Mod

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Mark of Excellence.We are all proud of our Marks of Excellence so why not use a mod that will help you see others and your own.This mod will help your hard earned Mark of Excellence show up like a 1st place trophy. All Marks are distinctive but not to bold Marks of Excellence track the average damage (both direct and assisted) for your last 100 games in a tank and compare that to everyone's averages in that tank for the last 14 days While I'm pretty happy with the carousel.xc I tweaked together, I'm looking for something that shows barrel marks a little bit more obvious-like... Marks of Excellence On the other hand, this is World of Tanks, a game that produces tons of real-time data. As you know from seeing after-battle reports, it's possible to record the damage inflicted by every player in every battle As requested, here's a short video explaining the various mastery badges and marks you can get on your gun barrel

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Kill marks are recieved for doing more average damage per battle on that respective vehicle than other players: trad. i marchi si riceveranno sulla base del danno. Marks Of Excellence Calculator By Spoter By PKmods on May 14, 2019. Marks Of Excellence Calculator By Spoter UPDATED One of the mods used by the famous and deadly Circonflexes. Let's you see exactly how much... 2. InBattle WN8 Ca. Marks of Excellence tracking... - posted in General Discussion: I thought, after all the fuss over MoE, more people would be happy about MoE tracking being implemented PlanetWOT down temporarily, no updates to stats and registering closed for now, read mor wotportal.c MARKS OF EXCELLENCE CALCULATOR BY SPOTER V.5.06(V5.6) 5 rating, 1 votes) Loading.. Marks of Excellence for World of Tanks Consol Available data includes XP, kills, credits (after expenses), Marks Of Excellence and many more. This feature can be disabled. This feature can be disabled. - Session statistics

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Help us by spreading the word. For easier, ad-free reading try using the feed linked below WoT Boost! - Holen Sie sich Panzerass Abzeichen für jeden Panzer! World of Tanks Konto-Levels 65% 85% 95% Panzerass Note You can check WoT player ratings in the World of Tanks Hall of Fame. Only official statistics

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I havent seen anyone ask this. Marks of excellence are from back in WWII when each tank you destroyed you got a mark on your barrel. The way this works in WoT is that. To obtain two Marks of Excellence, displayed on the gun, the average damage caused by the player and average damage caused with the player's assistance must be higher than the results of 85% of players in this vehicle for the past 14 days here is the EU post for the Marks of Excellence - basically, kill rings. Since I don't see it in the EU post, I will add the conditions required for them from the Russian one. Since I don't see it in the EU post, I will add the conditions required for them from the Russian one Marks of Excellence are earned marks for those tankers who do well in battle. The marks are placed on the cannon and number from one mark to three marks. Each nation has its own unique mark. The first mark indicates you are better than 65% of the players, two is 85% and three is 95%. Only damage and assisted damage is counted. Premium accounts and kills aren't factored in the formula This was my very first 3 marks challenge in Tier 10. I gave up this challenge more than 8 times and lost more than 10 million credits. I can't recall how many times I.

This is my first 3MoE in 2019. A very frustrating experience, standards dropped around 3 p.m. Japanese time so I was able to jump from 93% to 99.7% in one battle Marks Of Excellence Calculator By Spoter Source Link Download Link View the full articl World of Warships XP calculator. Calculate total XP to get to top tier ships. US NAVY, IJN, SOVIET, ROYAL NAVY, France, Kriegsmarine ship tech trees. Researching. Stats boosting 65+ calculator Calculation of the cost of boosting statistics is carried out taking into account the existing discounts for large orders

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Download Aslain's WoT Modpack for the game World of Tanks on the official website of WoT. Get an advantage over the enemy in battle World of Tanks on Console — KNOW YOUR WAR World Of Tanks Modları-Wot Modları Türkçe wg mods,world of tanks modları,turk. How many skills and perks can crew have in WOT? You can have as many skills/perks as you want; there is no limit. The only issue is once you've completed the 2nd set of skills/perks, it begins to take a very long time to complete the next sets

So, as for a mark you usually need from 120 to 150 fights on one tank, you probably wondered, and is there a quick and easy way to get distinctive marks on the gun barrels wot? Of course, there is also a purchase of a mark on the tools of the world of tanks in our store Damage Log (HitLog) The real-time Damage Log is likely one of the most requested features in the mod. Players began asking for this capability almost as soon as World. Buy three marks of excellence for World of Tanks Marks of excellence, also known as Gunmarks, draw a player in a special way and are visible in combat for other players. Game Looting is just the right partner to get your marks of excellence on your favorite tank Specifically, the mismatch in crew values caused by commander's 10% crew skill bonus. Outside of a crew of 1 commander only, 100% crew is a fiction

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* Обновлено для патча World of tanks WOT. Описание Мод показывает текущее значение отметки и прогнозируемое по формуле, возможное значение, чтобы примерно ориентироваться на возможные результаты боя * these numbers are estimated based on the expected WN8 values, take them with a massive handful of salt WoT Clans tracks the status and evolution of the clans in the game World of Tanks for XBOX Object 260 is the last of four tanks available to unlock during the individual missions in January 2015. It is a Russian tier X heavy tank. It connects great mobility.

Learn more about qualifications you can gain in WOT and other crew members. Explore all aspects of crew training and let's battle with your dream team XP Calculator. View all XBOX maps, premium tank bonuses, and tactics for the online game World of Tanks View all XBOX maps, premium tank bonuses, and tactics for the online game World of Tanks Hom The Odem Mortis Community is one of europes leading gaming communities and the home for several teams in strategic wargames like World of Tanks, World of Warships and Warthunder. Contact Odem Mortis: info@odemmortis.com (no modpack support !

・Marks Of Excellence Calculator 優等基準を表示してくれるmodです。 あくまで参考程度ですがダメアシの数字がわかるのは参考になります

Effective armor calculator. the best forbidden modpack for WOT v0.9.15 413 Downloads added on 26.05.2016 Modpack from channel Wot Fan v0.9.15 168 Downloads added on 26.05.2016 tom_Cat's ModPack v0.9.15 121 Downloads added on 26.05.2016 OldSkools P. WoT-Life is a free, player created web service for World of Tanks. WoT-Life is not an official website of Wargaming.net or any of its services > WOT ↑ XVM 7.9.0 Nightly 9005 # XVM known bugs: battle loading window, battle results window, replays playback ↑ Pmod #40-0, Armagomen 1.21.0, ↑ Crosshair Driver BAA 2.2.1 ↑ damagepanel x3 DamageLog-GamBitER ↑ Anti-Mirror files, Tank Icon x7, Color Tech-Tree ↑ Session-YasenKrase. RP manager 3.3.8 ↑ Hit Viewer 1.36(by Protanki) ↑ Marks Of Excellence Calculator 7.01.

WoT Spieler Statistik für World of Tanks Konsol Über 7 Millionen englischsprachige Bücher. Jetzt versandkostenfrei bestellen At the moment only players that have already earned a mark of excellence will be able to see progress towards next one without on 1 na in rage ing every tank 2 them back so a crew that is at 85 skill level has only just collected half the xp required to get 100 leading the target 1 na in rage ing every tank 2 them back uipremiumaccount jpg Marks On Gun Extended mod show in real time MoE (Marks of Excellence) progress on current tank in battle

Extended crew skills tells you how much more battles xp you need for the next skil Mods. World of Tanks - Free Online Game. You must login to post a message Scouting Guide. Observing from a hilltop in Pagorki. World of Tanks Scouting Guide and Tips First here are some myths about scouting. Myth 1 Light tank are scouts

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vs. tankgator.com overtank.com safeboost.net wot-assist.ru. Welcome to Alexa's Site Overview. Enter a site above to get started.. 3rd Mark of Excellence gun mark on OBJ. -By purchasing this product you will get 3rd Mark of Excellence on Object 907 (clan war reward tank). -This is special order since there are just few 3rd gun marks on this vehicle on EU & NA servers World of Warships, World of Tanks, Power levelin Wellcome to the Leaderboard! It's very likely (but there is no guarantee) that on the next calculation of the leaderbord, at 2019-05-14T02:00:00.0000000Z, these tanks.

Numbers, eh? Can't live with 'em - the angular limbs of '4' and '7' in particular would make bedtime a nightmare. But they can be absolutely fascinating Marks of excellence - posted in Suggestions: I would like to see marks of excellence in Blitz too Schon ab dem ersten Tag als WoT erschienen ist, haben viele Spieler nach dieser Möglichkeit gefragt. Jetzt, ist sie dank XVM verfügbar. Die Möglichkeiten der Feineinstellungen mit Hilfe von Macros und HTML erlauben jedem Spieler so Schadensmeldung zu gestallten, wie es gewünscht ist. Probieren Sie es aus und überzeugen Sie sich selbst! :

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Buy World of Tanks silver, credits, experience for your WoT account with 4000+ WN8 guarantee starting from $3.6 Once you have earned a mark of excellence you will never lose that mark even if your average drops below the threshold, or if the threshold goes up. You won't lose that mark even if you sell that tank

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WoT - Mark of Excellence image generator #1 Posted on 2018-05-22 20:00:42. Hello guys! Recently I was focused on making MoE image generator for World of Tanks! Here is an example: Read more or Comment (0) Ogame - Space Dock calculator Posted on 2016-12-. World of Tanks WN8 Statistics and Ratings for best prices Buying WoT WN8 stats and ratings - You do not want to improve your statistics or do not progress in your rating . Game Looting offers you professional boosts for all your needs and provides you with the desired ratings and statistics Examine and track your WoT progress over last time. Following ratings are supported: WN7, WN8 and efficiency rating. See your progression charts based on WN7, WN8. 9.13 - Marks Of Excellence Visibility Mod wot world of tanks mod cheat hac

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2004 topps marks of excellence me-so shaquille o'neal (25) Days Listed Any Less than 1 day Less than 3 days Less than 7 days Less than 14 days Less than 30 day We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it

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Track your World of Tanks progress and performance using Wot Numbers. The system records all your battles, and stores all data in a database. It will show detailed. Diese Änderungen betreffen zwei Mods im ProMod: * Enemy Direction o... f View * Enemy Indicator Ich halte derzeit Rücksprache mit Minsk über die Sache, eventuell. Medals, Awards & Achievements Throughout military history, medals and awards were given to serviceman as recognition for chivalry in combat. Some medals were awarded for excellence in combat, whereas some were awarded for participation rather than exceptional service XVM garage carouselNormal added total battles, added Marks of Excellence (Czech,Sweden) XVM updated hitlog (icons) Wizard's Icons Pack 1104 - New icons (T25 Pilot, Strv S1, Lorraine 40T Episode #48: Bat.-Châtillon 12 t Review, Earning 3 Marks of Excellence I review the Bat.-Châtillon 12 t, a tier 8 French light tank, with replays of tier 10 Steppes and tier 8 Redshire battles. The Bat Chatillon 12t is the ultimate finesse tank Marks Of Excellence Calculator By Spoter & ProTanki - WoT by ..

Let Tank Designer calculation software for thermoplastic tanks and apparatus work for you. The result will be optimized wall, floor, and roof thickness of cylindrical tanks, ventilation ducts and scrubbers, as well as an optimal supporting system from various materials in rectangular tanks. Plus Tank Designer will help you to find the optimum between labor and material and will generate. World of Tanks - tanks.g WoTLabs is a statistics tracker for World of Tanks. Follow your performance in daily, weekly, monthly and bimonthly form World of Tanks Guide for XBOX Consoles. Compare tanks and weak spots. View all XBOX maps, tank items, roles, and tactics for the online game World of Tank

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If ricochet does not occur, a calculation is made for armor penetration. The chance for penetration is defined by thickness of armor (angle of the armor and tilt of the vehicle are also taken in to account) and the penetration value of the shell. This works out to +-30% from standard armor piercing Check the World of Tanks media on the worldoftanks.com website. The best media about WoT vehicles. Lots of videos about tanks online. New videos are added regularl Aimbot from darkteam from WOT 1.4.1 Posted on March 18, 2019 March 18, 2019 By jana A new aimbot from DarkTeam, supplemented by a display of destroyed objects Mod-WoT.com » Hacks/forbidden mods for World of Tanks 1.3, Cheats - prohibited mods 1.2 World of Tanks On this page you can download any banned mods and cheats for World of Tanks (WOT) 1.2 Collection of the best World of Tanks Mods 1.3 will help you change the look and the feel in your game. We update WoT Mods everyday

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WoTLabs Store | Awesome overpowered and russian biased T-Shirts. 100 cotton and completely nerf-proof It's very likely (but there is no guarantee) that on the next calculation of the leaderbord, at 2019-05-21T02:00:00.0000000Z, these tanks will appear on the leaderboard: Tank Days Ag A brand new paid mod for arty was released, It makes the unbalanced artillery even more overpowered It is a fan site World of Tanks game on which you can find and download mods, modpacks, sights, hangars, icons, hit zones and sounds for current version of th View a vast selection of Wot World Of Tanks, all carefully selected. We are a leading provider of Wot World Of Tanks, find a wide and ever-changing deals for sale. We are a leading provider of Wot World Of Tanks, find a wide and ever-changing deals for sale